Solution to Robert Abbott’s Rolling-Block Maze

Solution to Robert Abbott’s Rolling-Block Maze:

First, click here for a diagram of the solution and print it. For an explanation of the numbers in the diagram, see the solution to Richard Tucker’s original rolling-block maze.

I’m a great advocate of loops in mazes, and the true path in this maze travels partially around four separate loops. That means there are various alternate paths to the goal. The first loop is a simple one encountered at Start. Instead of moving east, east, you could go south, south, east, east, north, north. Either route will leave the block standing upright on the square with the (2). Similarly, there are two routes you could take to get the block to lie horizontally across the two squares numbered 5. The most interesting loop is entered when the block is lying horizontally on the two squares numbered 22. Instead of following the numbers which run along one side of the loop, you could take this route which goes around the other side of the loop: west, west, north, north, north, north, east, east, east, south. You’ve now rejoined the main path to the goal, and the block is upright on the square with (26). I put that loop there mostly as a way of confusing people who solve mazes backwards from the goal. And, finally, when you reach the squares numbered 35, there are two routes from there to the goal.

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