Luray Maze

The Garden Maze at Luray, Virginia

Here are some pictures I took of the maze. They’re not very good (I blame my cheap-o digital camera), but they can give you some idea of what it’s like in the maze.

The maze is part of Luray Caverns, but they have a separate admission ($6.00). Luray Caverns, by the way, is also very good. The maze is designed and built by its owner, John Schneider. Here is their web site. The maze is open year-round, though it’s better not to visit in the winter.

Halfway through your journey you go over a bridge that has this observation deck. The true path to the goal also goes under the bridge.

This fountain is near the center of the maze. It provides a landmark to help you figure out where you are.

An unusual feature of the maze is this cave. It’s similar to the caves you find on some elaborate miniature golf courses. Another feature is the mist that is sprayed at various locations.

Funny signs: Early in the maze I came across this sign, so I took the path the sign pointed to.

That path ended at this sign.

Later in the maze I came across this sign. Well, they can’t fool me twice, so I went left instead of right.

And that brought me to this sign.

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